Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I'm customer
¿Where I can see the prices?

The price depends on the storage space you need, the center and the desired location. It will be best to visit your nearest center or contact with our consultants at 900 250 900 and we will prepare a custom budget to your space requirements.

I need to change my box. What should I do?

No problem, in Bluespace you can change spaces according to your needs. To check availability you should contact with your center (900 251 900).


I want to make a suggestion

We love to listen to our customers and learn from their suggestions! You can write to us through this page

I have a problem with my invoice / billing.

Please contact directly to your center (900 251 900).

I need a copy of my contract

To request a copy of your contract you must contact directly to your center. Customer service number (900 251 900)

I need to know how to arrive to my center

For driving directions, you can go the page of your center.

¿Con cuánta antelación debo de dar el aviso de salida?

El aviso de salida debe ser informado en el centro con 15 días de antelación, bien sea llamando por teléfono al 900 251 900 o rellenando el siguiente formulario

I need a copy of my bill.

To request a copy of your bill you must contact directly to your center. Customer Service number (900 251 900)


I don´t remember my access code or unit number

During office hours you can contact the store manager of your center by calling 900 251 900

Customer Service

If you are already a Bluespace customer,
call us toll free at
900 251 900

Opening hours
Monday to Friday from 10h to 19h
Saturday from 10h to 14h