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Flexible spaces

  • Space from 1m2 - 200m2 for all needs.
  • Enlarge or decrease the space depending on your needs.

Direct Access

  • Load up and unload your merchandising easier and faster.
  • Trolley for loading boxes, pallet trucks and can also provide a forklift service.

Personalized attention

  • Contact with your specialist advisor.
  • We offer the best solution for your space and logistics problems .

Maximum security

All our spaces are protected with advanced security systems. Safer than a bank!

Logistic support

  • Sending / receiving material.
  • More space and logistic benefits for less cost. Don' t waste your time, we do it for you!

All included

Save Money! No cost of electricity, water or security. Bluespace provides all the storage services, logistics, and business center for one price.

Tailored logistics service

Our Key accounts team offers a service
tailored to your needs

You will only need to speak with one specialist to process your contract

Easy and centralized billing

A rapid implementation of your logistical request

Reception, placement and delivery of any merchandise

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Madrid (26)
Barcelona (27)
Valencia (5)
Bilbao - Vizcaya (5)
Other cities (35)
A Coruña (1)
Alicante (1)
Cantabria (1)
Castellón (1)
Girona (1)
Guadalajara (1)
Illes Balears (7)
La Rioja (1)
Las Palmas (1)
León (1)
Lleida (1)
Murcia (1)
Málaga (4)
Navarra (1)
Oviedo (1)
Pontevedra (1)
Sevilla (1)
Tarragona (1)
Valladolid (1)
Vitoria (1)
Zamora (1)
Zaragoza (2)
Zona San Fernando de Henares (1)
Álava (2)

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